What World of Warcraft might interest a beginner

Warcraft might

In the World of Warcraft universe, newcomers will find many quests, events and activities, wow mythic carry raids, which must be studied in the process of character development in order to enjoy the game and understand the whole idea laid down by Blizzard game developers.

What World of Warcraft can offer a beginner

  1. Separation of races into factions and permanent PVP
  2. A well-thought-out quest system without being tied to an update.
  3. Raids of varying difficulty.
  4. The system of crafting and professions.
  5. Leisure activities
  6. Collecting
factions and constant

Separation of races into factions and constant PVP

WoW, features the famous factional confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance for control of the continents and key strongholds, for which large-scale battles regularly take place. PVP between factions can be found literally everywhere, in locations where representatives of both factions intersect.

World of Warcraft encourages battles, and for killing a representative of an enemy faction, the player will receive a reward in the form of a special coin that can be exchanged for equipment and weapons with increased damage in PVP. Be careful – coins are not issued for killing an enemy much inferior to you in level, do not hunt for small levels – the community does not encourage this.

Also for fans of constant battles in the game there is an arena to find out who is the strongest warrior. You can compete 1×1, 3×3 and 5×5. The winners of the battle will receive special coins as a reward, which can be exchanged for special combat equipment that enhances combat performance in PVP.

system without being

A well-thought-out quest system without being tied to an update.

In World of Warcraft, there is a quest leveling, which, although not mandatory, and you can just go to beat monsters and gain levels, is recommended in terms of leveling speed and the rewards that the player receives by completing tasks.

Quests should not be ignored as they will bring gold, consumables, equipment and weapons and experience.

Since the World of Warcraft regularly receives content updates, new territories and, accordingly, hunting zones are added to the game.

But the developers of the Blizzard game do not tie the player to specific pumping zones – the player chooses locations associated with his level and goes to complete tasks on the selected continent, which adds variability due to the visual component – each continent and location has a different atmosphere and appearance.

Raids of varying difficulty

In WoW, there are raids of various difficulty levels.

A raid is an attack on a boss in his lair by a group of players. The higher the difficulty of the raid, the more players are needed to win and the more difficult the boss and minions are.

On hard difficulty, the boss has more health, new strengths, and is less likely to forgive the group for mistakes in the raid strategy. A mistake by one player can turn into a failure, so it is recommended to first practice on the normal version of the raid before moving on to the difficult one – you should know the mechanics of the raid, the behavior of the boss and the retinue.

Crafting and profession system

In World of Warcraft, developers keep a balance between the relevance of crafting and the need to get equipment from bosses and raids.

There is always armor and weapons that can only be obtained from strong bosses and no other way. WoW, allows players to craft and create armor and powerful weapons that will allow them to attack strong bosses and knock out useful equipment.

Professions will allow you to obtain various consumables and convert them into armor, weapons, elixirs, jewelry and first aid items.

WoW, encourages the leveling of professions and will allow you to either earn money by producing useful items and selling them to needy players, or help you equip your character and enjoy the game more comfortably

Leisure activities

For players who are tired of leveling and raids, World of Warcraft offers to relax and get useful resources when fishing, cooking and excavating.

To catch fish, you will need a fishing rod and perseverance – fishing is a monotonous business.

Cooking will allow you to cook dishes from different products that will enhance the characteristics of the character for a certain time. The higher the skill of the cook, the longer the effect lasts.

Excavations are an opportunity to explore iconic locations in the World of Warcraft, better understand the history of continents and important places, and earn achievements and valuable rewards.

Achievements can also be attributed to the type of leisure – these are optional and sometimes non-obvious tasks that will allow the player to receive unique rewards. The list of tasks can be found in the corresponding menu tab.


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