What are the UPSC Syllabus 2022 Prelims?

UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Syllabus 2022: The most important part of your preparation for the IAS Exam is to know the syllabus of the exam. The UPSC exam has two written sections; IAS Prelims and IAS Mains. The UPSC Syllabus 2022 for both these stages is defined by the authority along with the official notification. And thus, you must know the syllabus in detail before starting your preparation. Knowing the syllabus beforehand will help you prepare for the exam in advance.

An aspirant must know that the UPSC syllabus is categorised into two stages. The first one is UPSC Prelims and the second one is UPSC Mains. The first stage is UPSC Prelims is a qualifying exam. Those who qualify for this exam or pass this exam can appear for UPSC Mains. The UPSC Main exam is descriptive or description based. It required a thorough knowledge of all subjects. If you are preparing for the UPSC Exam in Hindi, you can also read the UPSC Syllabus in Hindi from here. The applicant shall prepare for general studies UPSC Syllabus and other optional subjects separately. Once selected in the Main exams, candidates will appear for the interview round.

One should make sure that he’s fully prepared before his main exam appearance and so he should start preparing for it in advance.

What is the UPSC IAS Prelim syllabus?

Candidates appearing for UPSC prelims shall prepare themselves for logical, analytical, and reasoning abilities. This exam is divided into two parts – General studies I and II. These exams have a maximum limit of two hours. This GS 2 exam is also known as CSAT and is only conducted for qualifying purposes. These exams are conducted in morning and evening sessions. GS I in the morning and GS II in the evening in a single day.

The UPSC Prelims syllabus for GS 1 includes subjects such as history, geography, economics, environment, polity and current affairs. The whole selection process for IAS Exam includes prelims, mains, personality development tests, and last, interviews. This whole process takes almost a year to complete.

What are some tips to prepare for UPSC Exam?

These UPSC preparation tips will help you prepare for your exam preparations:

  1. Mind- Mapping the Syllabus – The UPSC syllabus is vast. You need to read it many times and plan it as well. Knowing the syllabus will help you to filter out the excess information and continue with the exact preparation material.
  2. Make Notes of Important Topics – Keeping syllabus notes with you can help you remember the basics. It will also help you to break down the syllabus into small topics that are easy to remember  It is recommended to keep it on the table or handy whenever you study.
  3. Build Your Basics – The first thing you must do while preparing for your UPSC exam is to prepare the basics. You shall also read the basics of NCERT books. The definitions, laws, general knowledge, current affairs, and all other relevant topics.
  4. Strengthen your Topics – Make sure you read all the topics included in the syllabus of your chosen subject and mentioned in the syllabus details. You can take the mock tests and set a timer to actually prepare for these exams.
  5. Revision is the Key – Make sure you revise all your topics time and again to keep them fresh in your mind. The notes will help you to revise it. You can also prepare a revision timetable for yourself. This exam is all about how much you study and then retain from it.
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