Ways to sell Ethereum cryptocurrency


Settlements with digital currencies, even the most popular ones, have not yet become a simple matter, so users often have a problem with how to sell Ethereum. There are several ways to exchange 4200 eth to usd or other fiat currency. It is most convenient to withdraw funds from a wallet to a bank card, and there are also other options for cashing out money.

Selling Ethereum through exchange offices

The easiest and fastest way to cash out cryptocurrency is to use the services of exchange offices. There are dozens of them on the Internet, and on most of them, you can buy or sell Ethereum.

To convert Ethereum to dollars using an exchanger at the most favorable rate, you do not need to go to each site and read the conditions offered by the service. It is enough to open the exchange monitoring site. It contains information about all exchangers of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in various directions for withdrawing coins.

The algorithm of actions is almost identical for all exchange offices:

  • choose the currency for the exchange (Etherium);
  • determine the direction (USD);
  • enter the amount that we want to convert (conversion into dollars will be carried out automatically by the system);
  • then indicate the number of your Ethereum wallet;
  • enter the number of the bank plastic card to which you want to withdraw money;
  • click on the “Exchange Now” button.

Exchange of 2.3 eth to usd through exchangers is possible not only for a bank card but also through various payment systems and money transfers. There is also an option with cash, which courier delivers.

In exchange offices, you can sell Ether for fiat money and other digital coins. Given that most services work with Ethereum, it is often used, along with Bitcoin, as a transit currency. In this way, you can convert lesser-known cryptocurrencies into fiat, with which exchangers do not work.

Cryptocurrency conversion using the exchange

Another good way to withdraw Ethereum is to use specialized cryptocurrency exchanges for the operation. Here, the rate is always better than in exchangers; it is also possible to place a sell order at a rate higher than the current one if there is an uptrend for the coin. You can trade a little if you want.

The most popular crypto exchanges where you can exchange Ethereum are EXMO, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and YoBit. The main disadvantage of exchanges is registering and providing your data. Those who do not like it use exchangers, where registration is quite formal.

Ethereum conversion through individuals

Another option to give digital currency and get real money in your hands is to sell it to another person. This method is unreliable since there is always a chance of getting caught by a scammer, but, on the other hand, you can get a good price for a coin and not pay a commission.

You can find a buyer on specialized forums. By contacting each other, the parties can stipulate all the conditions: price, settlement procedure, place of delivery of money, and mutual guarantees. There is a practice of paying for the services of a guarantor, who will become an intermediary in the transaction and monitor compliance with all conditions. They offer the service of freezing funds on the account: the buyer receives the crypt only after confirmation from the seller that he was paid the agreed amount.

It is not difficult to sell Ethereum, given its high price. The main thing is to find the most optimal and safe option.

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