Top reasons why your dental practice is stagnant

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We’ve watched as the competition in dentistry has quickly become global. The internet, emerging technologies, and new media have contributed to an intense desire for change. And yet, we continue to lag as our outdated practices remain stagnant. So to keep up and compete with the rest of the market, it’s time for your practice to evolve!

We have compiled reasons why your dental practice may be stagnant in this post.

  • Your Practice Website Is out of Date

Please review what you have and update it. If you haven’t had a practice website for a while, consider instituting one. It’s no longer optional. The internet has changed the way people do business, and most find the web an invaluable resource. If you don’t have your website, contact one of our top dentistry websites to get started today!

  • Your Prices Are Out of Date

It is just as important to keep track of your prices. Unfortunately, many dentists have not updated their pricing in years and have become outdated with the rest of the industry. So it’s time to review your price list and do what you can to update it!

  • You Have No Appointment System

Like many practitioners, you still operate on a first-come, first-served basis. This causes your practice to be overbooked and hard to get into with a patient. The internet has allowed everyone to book appointments on the same day, and that’s vital in today’s market. 

So you can find out what patients are looking for by looking at the reviews of another dentist or simply looking on Google. You can also be first when you know that people are already in line.

  • You Do Not Offer After Hours or Weekends Visits

Today’s patient is looking for the most convenience. If your practice hours do not line up with most people, you will be disadvantaged. To be competitive, you must offer weekend and after-hours appointments to patients. 

Most people work Monday through Friday and do not want to schedule appointments on their time off! You can find out what other practices offer by seeing what is recommended on Google or Yahoo.

  • You Do Not Offer Same Day Care

Many practices have stopped offering same-day appointments to patients. The internet has changed everything, and you can’t foster a relationship with your patient if you can’t make them feel comfortable at the office. 

Even if you do not offer same-day care, your patients need to be able to pick you up from work and know that they will be seen the same day. Consider setting up a practice pickup center and inviting your current patients to book appointments over the phone!

  • You Do Not Offer Online Payments

Consider adding an online payment system to your practice. This will allow you to receive payments more efficiently and make your life in the office easier as well! The internet has also made it easier for people to accept payments on their mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, so it only makes sense that you would offer these payment options.

  • You Do Not Make an Effort to Market Yourself to Your Patients

Do not be afraid to make an effort to market yourself through dental marketing activities such as print ads and direct mail. Also, invest in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram because they are a great way to get the word out about your practice. You can get a sophisticated look and feel for your page by contacting one of our top social media experts today!

  • You Do Not Communicate Anger or Apathy Towards Potential New Patients

In today’s market, patients are hesitant to become clients of new dentists because they do not want to be disappointed. If you have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, use those experiences as an opportunity to educate your current patients. Also, raise your standards and clarify what is expected from your patients. Finally, you will attract a higher quality of patients with this practice technique!

For your dental practice to evolve, you must address the areas above. The internet is an invaluable resource and can help you find answers to questions that you may not have thought of before. So do what you can to make your dental practice more competitive, and reach out to a dentist marketing expert today!

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