Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Nursing 2022


If you are thinking that it is time to work on your Master’s degree, you may first wonder whether it makes sense and will be a good return on investment for you to complete this kind of degree. It does take a lot of work and additional time to gain this level of education, so will it be worth it to work hard and obtain it?

For those who would like to advance their career in nursing and would like to take on a specialty nursing position, a master’s degree in nursing is a must. You will be able to stand out from the crowd when applying for positions and can really gain some of the meaningful employment that you need. Some of the best reasons to pursue a master’s degree in nursing include:

Flexibility in Your Career

This is one of the top reasons that people will choose to get a MSN degree. You will be able to pick from a lot of great jobs when you gain the MSN degree that were not available to you before, and you can easily use that education and experience to help you move into a specialty niche or management position at the healthcare facility of your choice. 

When you are ready to make a key change in direction with your nursing career, the MSN degree will help you get that done. It will help train you in the specific skills that you need for a specialization and will make you more attractive to some of the potential employers you would like to work in. 

This degree will also help you move into some of the more competitive areas of the job, ones that you may have dreamed of in the past but were not qualified for. You will be able to choose the work you would like once that degree is done, where you would like to live, your salary, your schedule, and so much more. 

Earn a Higher Salary


Another benefit of getting the MSN degree is that it will help you to earn a higher salary than before. Graduates of the MSN program will be able to earn more than other nursing professionals because their education and skills are in demand in this field. You will be able to apply and obtain senior nursing positions or specialty positions, which often make more. 

These nursing professionals are also able to move to different medical facilities that are willing to pay more for their skills. The MSN degree really helps you to have more control over your salary compared to some of the other nursing degrees. When you want to have a rewarding career in nursing that also pays well, then you need to get your MSN degree. 

The average annual salary for someone with an MSN degree is going to be $70,000. But if you have more experience you could easily earn more than $110,000 a year. The amount that you will make depends on any specializations you have, how long you have worked as a nurse, the specific medical facility, and the location where you decide to work. 

Many Job Opportunities

As you take a look at all of the job opportunities that are available to nursing professionals, you will see that some of the best ones, with the best hours, benefits, and salaries, will ask that you have a minimum of a MSN degree. Without this degree, you will not be able to advance up to those positions and enjoy those salaries at all. 

With the MSN degree, you will find that it is easier for you to choose the work that you do, choosing the facility and location and even the job role that interests you the most. You could make a change out of the clinical setting and over to management. Or you could elect to move into training and education for future nurses as well. 

Some professionals will choose to do a specialty, which allows them to work on just one type of patient and become an expert in that field. Or, if you are tired of not finding the right job for you, then the MSN degree could be the key that you need to make a change. The MSN degree will make it possible to reach all of your goals in the nursing field. 

Better Hours of Work


While there are a lot of great nursing careers that you can choose, some of the lower level options are going to ask you to work long hours. Some will not provide you with the control you may desire over your work schedule. You may have to work a lot of overtime, work the night shift, or have long hours that do not work that well for you. 

All of this can lead to a good deal of burnout and has caused many nursing professionals to move out of the profession completely. If you love working as a nurse but feel that you need a better work/life balance, then you need to consider whether a Master’s degree is going to be the right option for you. 

Those who have an MSN degree will be able to find more flexibility when they choose their new roles. This means that you could take that vacation you have been putting off or could work regular office hours and be home with the family that night. This control over your hours and added flexibility can be a great benefit to a lot of nursing professionals when they get the MSN. 

Choosing to Get a Master’s Degree in Nursing

While many nursing professionals can enjoy a great career without a master’s degree, some professionals would like to take on more advanced roles that give them more freedom than before. If you are ready to take on senior level roles and really make a change in the lives of your patience, then consider the reasons above to get your master’s degree in nursing. 

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