BGaming Develops New Algorithm and Other Gambling News


BGaming launched an impressive system that compresses images. And now, online casinos like Vulcan Casino can benefit from it. What it does, ultimately, is reduce the load time of games, making the games work faster. The reduction of the load speed is 55%. 

Despite the reduced image size, the quality is not impacted. The algorithm is a feat because no manual intervention is required. The algorithm has the capacity to reduce the image automatically. Apart from compression, the algorithm can determine quality loss. Now, the average game file size of an image is just a little over 7 MB, which came from 16.4 MB.

The changes, based on results, are not visible to the naked eye. This is good news for both gamers and gaming operators. Operators can overcome the limitations of VPNs and internet service providers as far as file sizes are concerned. Players will be able to access games faster instead of waiting for game images to load. The result is a better gaming experience. 

BGaming is not new to the industry. It has even managed to expand its operations to Germany. Now, the company can provide content to gaming operators in the county. To make BGaming an attractive game supplier, it launched Lucky Lady Moon Megaways. It is the sequel to one of the most played slot machines of all time. This game is now available for gambling operators to offer in Germany.

As far as laws are concerned, the bet limit for the company’s games is one euro per spin. There is no auto-play allowed for slot machines, and there must be a maximum of five seconds for spin length. Although these rules seem restrictive, it is for the benefit of the players.

Nolimit City Signs Deal with Bet365

Nolimit City, a game supplier that Evolution owns, signed a deal with Bet365, a leading sports betting site operator. The agreement is for Nolimit to supply games to Bet365’s business. This deal is a sign that Bet365 is growing and that the company is looking forward to expanding its offerings. 

Nolimit has recently been acquired by Evolution to the tune of 200 million euros. That was the upfront payment, but Evolution still has to pay 140 million euros in earn-outs. 

Macau now has a panel to discuss concession bids

The government of Macau is serious about reducing its dependence on gambling as a primary source of income for the state. Recently, the government set up a committee to examine the applications for new casino licenses.

The concessionaires of Macau will be final by the end of the year. Not all companies that place a bid to offer casino services will get a license. The current licenses of the operators have an extension until December 2022.

Right now, there are six holders of concession in the country. These are: 

  • SJM Holdings
  • Sands China
  • MGM China
  • Galaxy Entertainment
  • Melco Resorts
  • Wynn Macau

If these operators want to continue their businesses, they must rebid by August. If they fail to do so, they must close their casino operations. The bidding committee of Macau will analyze the bids. They also have the authority to decide on everything that is related to bidding and granting licenses and contracts.

With Macau reducing its dependency on gambling, Singapore and the Philippines are taking its mantle. Both countries are open to international gambling operators.

Amusnet Interactive (IGT) and Holland extend partnership 

IGT and Holland Casino are extending their partnership that began in 2015. The companies released an exclusive Mega Millions progressive jackpot game, which is available in Holland Casino’s locations. The reset value of the jackpot prize is one million euros, and it will keep going up until someone has hit the jackpot. 

Holland Casino also adopted one of IGT’s gaming cabinets called PeakSlant49. These cabinets make it possible for IGT to offer some of its other games like Bubble Blast and Trials of Atlantis. Both of these are also mega millions jackpot slot machines. 

Since 2015, the mega millions games of IGT have already paid ten separate prizes worth one million euros each. 

Texas Lottery sues vodka brand

Texas Lottery claims that “Texas Two Step” is their brand, which a vodka brand used. This ensued in Texas Lottery suing a Vodka brand. 

According to Texas Lottery, the name Two Step Texas is a copyrighted dance. Ali Ansari, the owner of the vodka brand, used Texas Two Step as a name. He filed the necessary papers to get a patent and trademark, and he got it.

However, Texas Lottery has a game called Texas Two Step, the ticket of which costs $1. This game has been around since 2001. Although the lottery has a copyright for the name for gambling products, it is now claiming that the vodka brand is causing confusion and damaging its reputation by association.

The vodka brand owner said that the lottery was illegal in Texas, while alcohol distillation was not illegal. His owner also said that he owned Delta faucets, but as a consumer, he didn’t confuse Delta faucets with Delta Airlines.

Thailand to present findings about casino suitability

There have been efforts recently in Thailand to introduce casinos. The government committee has wrapped up its study and is ready to present its findings.

Thailand determined that it could support five integrated resorts. These are land-based casinos. The country’s House of Representatives created a 60-person committee to determine whether this is feasible. 

The group had 24 separate meetings and explored the possibility of supporting these casinos. They also studied the implications and ramifications. As a result, they now have a plan to develop the economy of some depressed areas. 

Everything seems to be good to go. It is only a matter of getting the details. Although there is no final word yet, many experts assume that the requirements to operate a casino in the country are steep. Nevertheless, Thailand can compete with Japan and Macau. The ace in the hole of Thailand is the possibility of Las Vegas Sands opening in the country.

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