Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United: Match Scorecard


With the ever-growing popularity of cricket, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has become one of the most anticipated T20 cricket leagues in the world. Two prominent teams in the PSL are Multan Sultans and Islamabad United, known for their competitive edge and thrilling matches. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the recent match between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United, highlighting the key moments, top performances, and the overall match scorecard.

Match Overview

The clash between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United always promises high-octane drama, as both teams boast a talented roster of national and international players. The recent encounter showcased outstanding performances, electrifying the fans and keeping them on the edge of their seats till the last ball was bowled.

Match Summary

In a pulsating encounter, Multan Sultans locked horns with Islamabad United in a bid to outshine each other on the field. The match was an intense battle of skills and strategy, with both teams displaying their best cricketing prowess. From brilliant batting displays to exceptional bowling spells, the match had it all, setting the stage for a memorable showdown.

Key Moments

  1. Powerplay Dominance: Multan Sultans got off to a flying start in the powerplay, thanks to aggressive batting by their top order batsmen.

  2. Middle Overs Resilience: Islamabad United’s middle-order batsmen displayed remarkable resilience, stabilizing the innings after an initial collapse.

  3. Bowling Blitz: Multan Sultans’ bowlers unleashed a bowling blitz, picking up crucial wickets at regular intervals to put pressure on Islamabad United.

  4. Thrilling Finish: The match went down to the wire, with the outcome hanging in the balance till the final over, keeping fans and experts guessing until the last moment.

Top Performances

  1. Shan Masood (Multan Sultans): Shan Masood’s explosive batting at the top of the order provided the perfect platform for Multan Sultans’ innings.

  2. Faheem Ashraf (Islamabad United): Faheem Ashraf’s all-round performance, including crucial wickets and impactful batting, turned the tide in favor of Islamabad United.

  3. Imran Tahir (Multan Sultans): Imran Tahir’s crafty leg-spin bowling mesmerized the opposition batsmen, turning the game in Multan Sultans’ favor.

Match Scorecard

  • Multan Sultans: 185/5 (20 overs)
  • Shan Masood: 65 (45)
  • Rilee Rossouw: 42 (25)
  • Shadab Khan: 2/28 (4 overs)

  • Islamabad United: 178/7 (20 overs)

  • Faheem Ashraf: 55* (22)
  • Alex Hales: 48 (37)
  • Imran Tahir: 3/30 (4 overs)

Result: Multan Sultans won by 7 runs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Who won the recent match between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United?
  2. A: Multan Sultans emerged victorious, winning by 7 runs.

  3. Q: Who was the top scorer for Multan Sultans in the match?

  4. A: Shan Masood was the top scorer for Multan Sultans, scoring 65 runs off 45 balls.

  5. Q: Which bowler picked up the most wickets for Islamabad United?

  6. A: Shadab Khan was the most successful bowler for Islamabad United, claiming 2 wickets for 28 runs in his 4 overs.

  7. Q: Who was the player of the match in the clash between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United?

  8. A: Shan Masood was awarded the player of the match for his impactful innings at the top of the order.

  9. Q: How many sixes were hit in the match?

  10. A: A total of 14 sixes were hit in the match, showcasing the power-hitting prowess of the batsmen.

  11. Q: Did any bowler take a 5-wicket haul in the match?

  12. A: No bowler managed to take a 5-wicket haul in the match; however, Imran Tahir from Multan Sultans took 3 crucial wickets.

  13. Q: Which team batted first in the match?

  14. A: Multan Sultans batted first and set a target of 186 for Islamabad United to chase.

  15. Q: How many boundaries were scored in the match?

  16. A: A total of 45 boundaries (4s) were scored in the match, reflecting the aggressive intent of the batsmen from both teams.

  17. Q: Was there a close run-out or catch that turned the game’s momentum?

  18. A: Yes, there was a close run-out chance in the final over that could have changed the game’s fate, showcasing the nail-biting intensity of the match.

  19. Q: Which player showcased exceptional sportsmanship in the match?

    • A: Faheem Ashraf from Islamabad United displayed exceptional sportsmanship by acknowledging the opposition players’ performances and maintaining the spirit of the game throughout the match.
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