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A blockchain is a ledger of transactions, shared among many participants in such a way that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. In other words, once you have data recorded on a blockchain, it can’t be changed or tampered with.

This post covers some simple ways to promote your article about blockchain and make them look amazing!

1. Website design:

You can separate your article from the rest of your website with a nice, professional website design. This will make your article stand out and give the readers a better experience. You can always do this with any product or service, not just blockchain for nfts.

Example:  Kakao Pay

2. Bookmarking:

Bookmarking is a great way to promote your article. If you get your article featured on an authority website such as Medium, Steemit, Linkedin or reddit, it will bring much more attention to your article. You can also bookmark an online blockchain related website so you have it handy when you need to reference it again in the future.

Example: Blockchain Blog (link)  

3. Logo:

You can add your logo or any nice symbol or icon to your image. This will make it more professional and eye catchy for the readers to see. It will give it the touch of your logo and brand on it.

Your blockchain promotion is going to be definitely new and creative than anything else. You can use your logo to promote your article about blockchain.

Example:  Guys if you don’t have a website

4. Articles You wrote About Blockchain:

You can use some of your old articles about blockchain to supplement the copy on your new one. For example, if you wrote an article recently about how blockchain is going to change the world and that’s what got you interested in it, then make sure that’s what your new article talks about as well. Try to write two or three related articles for each new article News approved site is here.

Example:  “How Blockchain Can Save Your Business”

5. How-to Article on Blockchain:

You can also write a how-to article to put on your website about using blockchain.

Example:  A peer-to-peer platform built on blockchain is one example of a company who has been able to solve problems in the world through decentralized solutions. You can also write a how-to article about blockchain.

Example:  Make one here!

6. Informational Article on Blockchain:

You can also write an informational article about blockchain. You can post a how-to article on blockchain that explains how you use it in your business or how you recently got interested in it. You can also link to any video tutorials that you created about blockchain, if they exist. Your readers might find them helpful.

7. Picture (Optional):

You can also add a picture to your article to complement the copy and make it stand out. If your blog has a picture, you can use it as a background for your article about blockchain. You can always include a picture of yourself or someone close to you who uses blockchain to promote your article about blockchain.

Example:  how to use blockchain in your business

8. Let People Know You Are Using Blockchain:

You can also let people know that you are using blockchain by putting a free “Google Bar” on your website or blog. This is something that anyone can do, and it’s super easy. You just enter a simple phrase into “AdWords” or “Bing Ads,” and then place this little bar on your site. Then, when you publish articles about blockchain, you can just put that phrase in the body of the article (or at least set up an alert for the phrase) so that it’s indexed by the search engines and then put it at the top of the page with a link to your article.

Example:  “Are You Using Blockchain?”

9. Add a Keyword Tag:

You can also use this cryptic phrase (which looks like “XRPTWO” or “MTDV” but is commonly known as a “keyword tag”) to promote your article about blockchain for manual link building. Just add that phrase to the beginning of your article, and then you will show up for any search for that keyword at the top of the search results page.

Example:  XRP Coin (link)

10. Quote Someone Who Says They Use Blockchain:

You can post a quote from someone who uses blockchain to promote your article about blockchain. This will help you because it shows people that even other top players in your industry are using blockchain, and might even link back to you if they like what you wrote about them. You can quote someone who says that they use blockchain in their business or life to provide context in your article about blockchain. You can also include a link to their website.

11. Use the “Email This Article” Button:

You can also use the “email this article” button to send your article to someone who might find it interesting. You can also embed a button that will automatically send your article to all of your email contacts by using this code.

Example:  Are You Using Blockchain for Token marketing?

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