How to make money on the Internet?


You want to make money, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to, especially with the inflation that’s rocking the world. And there’s no better way to do it from the comfort of your home. We are not talking about playing games at 7Slots. Instead, use the internet to make money from your professional skill. Whether as a side hassle or as a main source of income, you can make money comfortably seated from home.  

From professional careers such as IT, Engineering, Architecture, and Teaching to other innovative ideas such as renting out a space, taking surveys, and streaming content, there’s no shortage of ways to make money on the internet. 

While it may sound as easy as a Tuesday night, making money on the internet requires patience, failures, persistence, and most importantly, hard work to build a successful brand. There’s no shortcut or get-rich-quick scheme. 

If you have the self-drive and are ready to put in some effort, blood, sweat, and tears to successfully build your brand, then we are here to share some of the niches you can explore today. 

You Can Blog

Blogs are perhaps the oldest form of making money on the internet. These are informational platforms where you can share your views on different subjects. Photography, career, politics, health, fitness, finance, gardening, fashioning, and many, many other topics. As long as you can think about a topic, you can blog about it and consequently make money from it.  

So how does blogging equate to or translate to making money? There are several ways to do this. 

  • You can place ads on the site. If you have enough traffic or audience, you can place ads in the form of Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • Sell memberships for new and existing readers. For instance, if you operate a career blog, you can charge a $5 monthly subscription fee for readers to have access to a private job board. 
  • You can start affiliate marketing. If, for example, you are operating a health blog, you can partner with fitness and health supplement manufacturers or distributors. Anyone you refer to their platforms through your blog and end up purchasing ensures you receive a small margin of their profits. 

Freelance Web Design, Development, and Maintenance 

You have the skills. You’ve learned all that there to know about CSS and HTML. You are trained in Python, MySQL, and PHP. The only thing remaining is becoming your own boss. While starting, it may be difficult for you, especially setting up your brand online.  However, once you are up and running, the rewards outweigh the struggles you’ll go through. 

Sign up on freelance platforms such as Upwork, People Per Hour, or and send your applications to potential clients. Getting the first gig is usually the biggest challenge; we won’t lie to you. However, once you land the contract, ensure you satisfy the clients’ requirements so that they rate you highly. This way, you can build a brand that many prospective clients can feel comfortable working with. 

Start an Informative, Engaging, and Entertaining YouTube Channel 

The main words here are informative, engaging, and entertaining. There are thousands of YouTube accounts being created every day. Few reach the level of monetization because a handful of people take the time to create catchy content to keep people coming back to their platform online advertising

To get a share of revenue of the 6 billion videos being watched every day, you’ll have to hit 1000 subscriptions and 4,000 hours of view time. For every 1000 views you receive, you can earn between $2-$4. If you have 50 videos each receiving 10,000 views every month, it could be good revenue. 

However, remember more views on your videos don’t automatically equate to revenue. You have to ensure you post fresh, quality content every other day. 

Start a Podcast

We are getting busier by the day. As such, many people are searching for more accessible ways of consuming information. If you believe you are well informed and versed in different topics, you can start a podcast to feed people with the information they need. Build an audience and start making money from it. How do you achieve this? 

  • You can start a YouTube channel and earn money from the views 
  • Through the same channel, you can get stickers and badges from your fans. Each badge a fan buy goes towards your kitty fund 
  • Sell your products through the podcast. You can strategically place a brand that you are trying to build and advise your fans to get it from a certain website or your website

Write and Sell eBooks 

Are you camera shy? Perhaps you can only express yourself better through writing and not talking? Don’t worry. You can still make money selling eBooks. These self-help books help people learn new skills, start new businesses or even best, help them further their careers. 

You can write eBooks on a wide range of topics and publish them across platforms. These include the likes of Sellfy, Fiver, Google Play Books, Amazon, eBay, and many other platforms. 

While planning how to publish and sell the book, remember that these platforms will take a small commission for giving you the platform to sell your books. For example, Amazon will take a 30% fee as their commission. 

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