Best 5 Safety Trainers at Different Price Points

Safety Trainers

Safety is of vital importance for everyone working in a potentially hazardous environment such as an industrial or construction site. People often overlook the safety of their feet in comparison to other body parts such as ears, eyes and hands but it is just as important to ensure feet are protected and there are a variety of safety trainers at different price points that can do just that.

So what are the best five safety trainers at different price points?

1 Hard Yakka NITRO SAND Pull-On Safety Work Boots

These safety boots come with a wide steel safety cap as well as a comfortable PU midsole. They are made from genuine leather suede upper, and the outsole is heat resistant to up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. They come with large pull loops that are easy to pull on, an ARZ+ heel pod for comfort and to help with shock absorption, and removable memory foam in the heel. 

At just $62.50 these safety shoes are among the cheapest available. 

2 Rocky Original Ride Branson Steel Toe Waterproof USA Designed Boots Premium Safety Work Boots

These safety boots offer a much sturdier and more secure work shoe option for men. They are also very stylish, with the full-grain leather in rich brown enhanced by detailed stitching. 

This safety shoe is designed to ensure feet avoid pain featuring pull tabs for the sake of convenience as well as a tempered steel shank that provides high-quality arch support and a lightweight EVA midsole to absorb shocks. These safety shoes are also waterproof and very durable. At a price tag of $332.90 they are very much on the high end of price points and are an excellent choice for men who want a professional twist on a traditional style. 

3 Skechers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Work Shoe

This comfortable shoe that has long been a favourite of women now comes in a form that offers serious safety, providing a smooth leather upper within a casual safety trainer that is slip-resistant. The safety trainer features a memory foam insole and stitching accents and is designed to be safe against electrical hazards. 

At a price tag of $162.87, it comes a midway price point between the two previous featured shoes. 

4 Result Men’s Work-Guard Buzzard Safety Boots (White)

These safety trainers for men come with a steel toe cap that features a Kevlar midsole as well as a padded collar, a mesh inner lining and cow suede on the upper, heel and toe panel. At just under $44 this is an ideal choice for the safety and budget-conscious. 

5 Amblers Steel FS47 S1-P Trainer

These safety trainers for women come with steel toe and midsole protection, comfortable textile mesh lining and a heat-resistant rubber sole complete with a front toe bumper. At $131.70 these safety trainers are in a mid-range price point. 

Sharp equipment, falling objects, dangerous chemicals, slippery surfaces, hot machines, piercing edges and even incremental weather are common reasons behind foot injuries and the right pair of safety trainers is vital to ensure this does not happen to you. 

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