9 Best Sun Hats for Traveling


Everyone loves a good vacation. The sun, the surf, the sand; but no one likes returning with sunburns. That’s why in addition to sunscreen and covers, a sun hat is a great accessory to add to your travel list.

If you’re heading to a sunny destination, tossing a big hat into your suitcase might seem like an easy feat, but you should think about what sun hat you’re going to bring because you not only want to look good but feel good. Let’s take a look at the nine best sun hats for traveling

The Floppy Hat

When you think of travel images, someone wearing a floppy hat next to the pool might come to mind. It’s a common image and circulated through most travel magazines and social media. It is an infamous hat that any stylish woman would bring on a tropical vacation. A vacation on a Caribbean island–floppy hat. On the deck of a Mediterranean cruise– floppy hat.

The floppy is a favorite not only for its style but function. It gives you the protection you need from the sun while still looking good wearing it. It is rather simple to pack and with all the materials and colors you can find it in, you are sure to bring it along.

The Straw Hat

The straw hat is another favorite when it comes to hat styles for sun hats. It often gets confused for a floppy hat or fedora, but straw hats tend to not have the solid build or distinct crown of the fedora, nor do they have the size and well-constructed base of a floppy hat.

Straw hats typically come with shorter brims, rounded heads, and circular brim bases. It is simple in form but great in versatility. Straw hats can be dressed up with ribbons, strings, and other accessories to accentuate the hat. They are an excellent pick for a simple and slow sunny vacation.

The Visor

For frequent travels, especially in high-volume tourist areas, it is impossible to visit a destination and not see a visor. Able to work with classic and casual outfits, the visor is a versatile hat that is simple, functional, and, at times, stylish.

The draw of the visor is its breathability. The visor has an extended brim with an open crown. This design allows fresh air to flow around your head while your face is protected from the rays of the sun. It is a great in-between option, particularly for travelers visiting places like an outdoor amusement park or beach.

The Sun Hat


A general sun hat is differentiated by not belonging to any particular hat style like a fedora, beanie, or bucket hat. What will make it recognizable as a sun hat though is its ability to protect from the sun. This can be due to the size of the brim or the material. Of course, while protecting from the sun, you can still get sticky and sweaty, so a sun hat with air circulation is best.

The Beach Hat

What makes a beach hat a beach hat? Taking it to the beach! Beach hats come in a variety of forms, styles, and designs because any hat can really be a labeled beach hat. The best beach hat though will suit the environment and needs of the wearer when at the beach.

As such, beach hats can be found in any color, size, and make with assorted materials and add-ons like drawstrings and cup holders. When looking for a great beach hat, consider the function and look at hats with UPF ratings and UVA/UVB fabric blocking material. After all, you still want to be protected from sun exposure.

The Fedora

The fedora is a classic style that will bring style and fashion to your travel destination. Fedoras come in a variety of colors and materials, but the construction is always distinctly fedora: a dented crown circled by a ribbon and flexible wide brim. With options for men and women, it is a favorite accessory and hat fashion staple that will never go out of style.

While the fedora does have packable styles, it is common for most styles of this hat to require a little care. A hat box carefully packed amongst your travel essentials.

The Raffia Hat

If you are looking for a sustainable accessory, you may want to put the raffia hat on your travel shopping list. It is made out of palm leaves which are harvested in a way that does not damage the plant.

At first glance, it may appear to look like any other usual straw hat, but you will know the difference once looking at the price tag. This hat has a higher price ticket because of its sustainability and high quality. The raffia hat can also be set apart from typical straw hats because of its distinct curled edges. It is perfect for casual and expensive looks.

The Ultra Wide Brim Hat

For those who are traveling to a sunny location and want broad sun protection, the ultra wide brim hat may be just what you are looking for. The highlight of the ultra wide brim hat is how it can cover your face and neck for complete round protection from the sun. 

This hat can come with various brim lengths depending on the brand. In addition to this, some brands include UPF ratings, reversible options, packable options, and wired brims for adjustability.

The Packable Hat

When traveling, it is always great to have an accessory that is easily packable and the packable hat is true to its name. Able to be folded, rolled up, and stuffed into any travel bag, they are designed to be easy to travel with. 

Most accessories require some form of structured packing to keep the form, style, and build of the accessory intact. However, the purpose of packable hats is to be simple to travel with without fear of getting ruined. There is no way, you would cram a fascinator or a fedora into the bottom of your suitcase. They would certainly be damaged.

The packable hat offers an accessory that will not lose its integrity, no matter how you pack it. It is so easy to pack, you may just include more than one in your bag.




Wherever you are headed that is full of sunshine and bright skies, be sure not to forget your sun hat. The best sun hats for traveling give you excellent sun protection like the floppy hats and ultra wide brim hats and provide airflow like visors. Whichever you choose, be sure to pick the one that best suits you and your travels.

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