8 Tips on Choosing an Electric Gel Blaster


A gel splitter is a toy that resembles a weapon but shoots gelatinous balls instead of projectiles. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. You fill them with liquid and squeeze the trigger. Some people say they’re fun because they feel like they’re shooting little bubbles, but others think they’re just silly toys. Either way, they make great party favours!

Buying a gel blasting machine for the first time can often be difficult. A lot of things need to be considered before buying one, and it is very simple to make the wrong decision if you do not know exactly what you want or need to achieve. Take a look at tactoys and see how much fun you can have! Here are some tips for newbies;

1. It would be best if you decided whether you want a spring-powered or an electric gel-blasting gun

You might consider buying an airsoft rifle with either a manual or automatic firing mechanism. Manual guns cost less than automatic ones, but if you’re planning to give the airsoft rifle to a child, then an automatic one may be better since children tend to get bored quickly and will probably not want to spend too long loading and cocking the weapon. Automatic guns are more expensive than manual ones but don’t need to be loaded and cocked before every shot.

2. Size Matters

Before buying a gel blaster, check out its dimensions and weight. You might want to buy a smaller version if you’re planning to purchase a gel blaster for yourself rather than a small kid. Also, consider whether the blaster fits comfortably in your hand. You must also think about how many darts your blasters fire at once.

3. Chose One That is Comfortable

Make sure it’s safe. You can buy gel blaster guns online or in stores. They come in various sizes and colours. Choose one that fits your height and weight. Don’t shoot yourself or someone else. Always wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, ear protection, and eye shields. Keep the gun pointed down and away from others. Aim carefully. Practice shooting before you use the gun. Be careful when handling the gun. Never point it at anyone without permission.

4. Know Your Budget

If you’re like me, you don’t have enough money to immediately blow on a high-end gun. You’re probably looking for something that fits within your current means. If your price range is $180-250, it might be tempting to go ahead and splurge on a quality blaster with great internals and upgrade options down the road. This may work for some people, but it can also be frustrating if you’re new to the sport and not familiar with what improvements are worthwhile and which ones aren’t.

5. Go For Quality

Building quality into your purchase is important in choosing your first gun. It may look nice if you buy a cheap gun, but it won’t hold up to use. On the other hand, buying a high-quality gun could be expensive, but it will likely outlive its lower-priced counterparts.

6. Always Consider It Power Source

Next up is the size of the motor, which is usually either brushed motors or brushless motors. Brushed motors are cheaper than brushless motors but require maintenance, whereas brushless motors don’t need any maintenance.

7. Try How It Functions Before Purchasing

If so, there are a few things you can now do to ensure your weapon grows with you. As you practice, you learn more about what works best for you. For instance, if you select a firearm, think about selecting one with a rail system. This allows you to mount additional items such as tactical lights or laser pointers. You may not require one right now, but it could prove useful if you plan on shooting outside. These features will allow you to add sights and scope as needed.

8. Think about how many darts your blasters fire at once

Most blasters fire one dart at a ti­me; however, some multiple fire darts with every shot. You may want to choose which type of blaster works best for your situation based on how quickly you plan to use it.

In conclusion, when choosing an electric gel blaster, ensure you know exactly what you want and how much you can afford. There are plenty of choices available, and they all offer different benefits. Make sure you get the most bang for your buck.        

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