7 Ways To Revolutionize Your Computer’s Speed


The best way to revolutionize your computer’s speed and get it back to a like-new condition is to clean it. When cleaning your computer, there are a few specific things to help improve its speed and performance. Focusing on these top things would be best to get the job done right.

  1. Uninstall Extra Software

When you purchase a new computer, you will see that it has many programs installed that you will never open. These take up space on your hard drive and slow down your device. So take the time to identify the programs you never use.

Every computer will be slightly different in how you see your programs. However, the best thing to do is to see a record that has been used recently. Also, see which ones are taking up the most space. Finally, delete the ones you don’t use, which take up a lot of space, so your desired programs, such as your GPT-J predictive software, have room to run.

  1. Limit Startup Programs

Similarly, you can alter the programs that automatically run when you start your computer. Your settings will have a task manager that allows you to easily see what is running in the background and determine what is allowed to start automatically. Change your settings to the minimum amount of programs needed to wake up your device. Then, restart it to see if your changes helped.

  1. Enjoy More RAM

Increasing your short-term RAM is a traditional way to speed up desktops. Unfortunately, a lot of laptops are exempt from this fix. Laptops designed for business or gaming will often allow you to add more RAM.

  1. Check for Viruses

Everyone will pick up a virus at some point, which is why you need antivirus software to check for malware. Many devices have built-in programs, but you can also use third-party software. Keep in mind that some third-party products can take up a lot of space on your computer and slow it down. The best antivirus protection removes bugs while taking up minimal storage space.

  1. Clean Your Disk

Every hard drive has some files or programs that you don’t need anymore. Fortunately, you can clean your disk and remove anything that is no longer necessary and is taking up space on your device. Cleaning your disk is one of the most straightforward fixes you can try.

  1. Choose an SSD

An SSD will take much pressure off your processor while your computer starts. Additionally, if you run many programs simultaneously, an SSD can help these applications run faster and smoother.

You can find SSDs on both laptops and desktops. If you are opposed to a new computer, you can find an external SSD that hooks into your device with a USB cord. That can give your device the boost it needs to complete small business tasks.

  1. Check on Your Browser

You’ve probably noticed that most of these are minor fixes. However, one of the most straightforward fixes many forget to do is try a different browser. If you notice a lag that only happens when using a specific browser, try a different one.

Aside from changing, you can also clean your favorite browser. Periodically going to the browser settings and clearing your cache can help improve your internet speeds.

While a slow computer can be a pain, it usually only takes a few of these tasks to get it back up to speed. First, check to ensure you have no malware on your device. Then, follow the other steps to help clean up your computer and give it more memory space.

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