the garbage picking field goal kicking philadelphia phenomenon


In the late 1970’s, I was invited to the annual Thanksgiving dinner of the family I was dating at the time. I was so excited to be there and to have the opportunity to spend time with one of my favorite people. It was my first ever Thanksgiving with a family, and I’d never spent Thanksgiving with anyone before. When I arrived, I was so excited that everyone was sitting at the table with their mom, dad, and siblings.

I didn’t tell anyone but the kids, and I did tell them I was an atheist because I was so excited to be with my family.

I also, of course, brought my two favorite things: my big brother, and my best friend.

I was amazed at the diversity of people who are looking at this video about a murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder.

After getting a good look at the video, I was still pretty shocked.

The video is an example of what I call the “garbage picking field goal kicking philadelphia phenomenon.” It’s a video that shows a bunch of people in Philadelphia picking through the trash to find the body of a murder victim. The thing is is, it’s pretty gross to watch, but I have to admit, I was intrigued at the same time. It’s a bit disturbing and at times, quite funny.

The thing is that the garbage picker looks really good, and there are a few other ways to look at it that I would have thought would be fun. I have to admit, I’m a tad surprised by the amount of people I met at the end of the video. It’s just that they were so surprised by what you saw, I don’t think they’d want to see this.

The video was made by our friend Phil. He is a very cool guy and his video is basically an excuse to show off the garbage pickers in all their disgusting glory. His video is a good example of how the video industry is moving to the next level, creating content that people want to see. The game itself is a new twist on what has been seen in the past. You have to jump over six different garbage cans to reach the cans of food that are blocking your path.

This is only the newest form of video game “video game art” that has hit the market. The video was made by Phil and it has all the hallmarks of the garbage kickers that are just starting to appear in the video games. He’s not even trying to show off his game, just the garbage. This is a video that you have to see to believe it.

The reason that you have to jump over six garbage cans to reach the cans of food is because the garbage is not really moving. It just shows a picture of a garbage can (showing the different food types) that has been moved. The video shows a woman in a garbage can trying to figure out how to play the game. This was in Philadelphia where the video was shot, the Philadelphia area being one of the two major cities in the US that the game is set in.

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