motel 6 reviews


To be honest, I haven’t really had the best luck with the motel 6’s in my entire life. Sure there are some that work out for me. The motel 6 in Las Vegas that I stayed at had a nice little break room for when you are out walking around for hours. The room was clean and the shower was clean. I had no issues either. The price was reasonable and I could find a good rate.

The other motel 6s I’ve stayed at have been more like, well, not really motel 6s. I think this one was the best motel 6 I’ve ever stayed in, which I think is probably a good thing. The beds were comfortable, the bathrooms were clean, and the staff were all very nice. They also had a nice little break room and a great breakfast.

In short, I enjoyed my stay here. I didn’t have any problems with the staff, the room was clean, the price was reasonable, and the breakfast was great. I would stay here again.

What I did notice is that there was an issue with the breakfast. The staff could not seem to get the food to the table fast enough. I guess it was a little hard to get up and eat breakfast.

Not only did I not have breakfast, but I did NOT have breakfast at all. I was told I was tired and had to go outside to catch up. My roommate and I ended up staying in a couple of rooms, only to have the breakfast being replaced by a bed and bathroom. This was totally out of character because the room was on the lowest point of the building.

I wonder if the staff thought that guests might not want to eat breakfast at all, or perhaps that we might not be able to get to the bar as quickly as we wanted. Either way, it’s unfortunate that we had to stay in a room, which was on a higher point than the rest of the building.

At least this is the only thing that I can think of. I’m hoping the developer will change that. I guess the beds will have to be built in some way so that guests can get in and out of the guest rooms without having to climb stairs.

When I first met the developer, he’s a nice guy, so I’m not sure the game really had the developer’s name on it. I suppose that’s part of why the game is a bit disappointing, because it feels kind of like a dream and the developers are trying to go to the next level in an attempt to sell something for a living.

I don’t know. I still think you can’t expect a game to be a perfect game just because it’s being made. The developers can try to make a game that has lots of things working well, or a game with a story that you want to see unfold, or a game that you want to see the player succeed in. But these games, these developers can’t be expected to just be perfect.

I don’t think we can expect perfection. We can expect a game to be fun and have a lot of things work together well, but that’s not the same thing as being perfect. So I think the real question here is “does this game work?” In my opinion, a game is good when it has a story that the player wants to see unfold. If the story is boring or not engaging, that’s OK, too.

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